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My name is David Bennett.

I have been playing drums and percussion for most of my 66 years. I live in Kingscliff, northern New South Wales with my wife Monica and I have three fantastic children, Ayrton, Chevelle and Iris. For several years I had been  looking for ‘that something’ to create a sound palette that would create a feeling of relaxation and meditation. The moment I heard my first gong, I knew that was it.  The gong said it all to me! The ride since then has been one of sheer sound beauty. I had the fortune to spend 9 days with the ‘Grand Gong Master’, Don Conreaux and my love of the gong went into overdrive!!! Don gave me a total new awareness of what sound can do for the individual, via the amazing sound, vibration and resonance of the gong!

Since then I have been conducting ‘gong baths’ at several locations around the Tweed and Byron region where  I live. The conception of the ‘gong bath’ which is a period of bliss created by several light percussive and rhythmic instruments punctuated by the use of nine gongs ranging in size from 24"to the beautiful 38" Sedna and Sun gongs  to create within the participants, a period of total relaxation and the meditative state which can last for many days after the ‘bath’. The ‘gong bath’ is generally for a period of over one  hour with the major component, the gongs, lasting for 45 minutes. The volume is not high, the vibrations are surreal and the total experience is amazing. Some of the instruments used are conch shell, to clear the air, the Indian Shruti Box, a musical drone type of instrument, buffalo drums,White Stone Carillon bowl, Himalayan singing bowls, wind chimes, chakra chimes, tuned tongue drums and ocean drums, to name a few.

My beautiful life partner, Mon plays the crystal bowls at every gong bath  which takes  the sound immersion to another level.

On your sonic journey you can visit the ocean, with waves, whales and dolphins, you can visit the outer reaches of the Solar System, you can go where ever your dream state takes you during your sonic journey!!! The possibilities are endless. This is why I have set up 'Planet Earth Gongs’ to get the word out there, and the word is gong!!!!!
The gongs I use are 7 Paiste Planetary gongs with additional symphonic and orchestral gongs to punctuate the overall sounds. I hope to be able to create a sound bath for you and your friends. It will be an experience that will not be forgotten.

“Feel the resonance of these ancient instruments for days after a gong bath. The sound and vibration of the Gongs produces a feeling of rejuvenation and inner peace placing you in a meditative, relaxed state. Be prepared to be taken on a journey through the Solar System.
There is a magic within the Gongs that has to be heard to be realised."

David Bennett

Don Conreaux

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