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The gong bath is over an hour long, sound palette starting and finishing with many light instruments punctuated with 45 minutes of the gongs. There are 9 gongs, 7 of these are Paiste planetary gongs, used during the session with sounds from the ocean, whales and dolphins and sounds from the Solar System are only part of the sound palette that can be achieved from these beautiful instruments. The resonance of the gongs fills every cell of the body leaving the listener in a state of relaxation that can last for days after the bath. The volume is kept at a low level for listening comfort! The gong bath participants are best advised to bring a comfortable yoga type mat with a pillow and rug if it is a bit chilly.

~For info on upcoming events visit the 'whats on' page ~

We also are pleased to do our one on one  gong bath, sound immersion at our residence at Kingscliff.

This is the best way to get close and personal to some beautiful gongs as there is only you and the gongs in our beautiful sound room.

The experience is for 45 minutes and the cost is $50 per session.

A great gift for that someone who has everything!!

Just give me a call to arrange date/time 

0435 549 909

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